kuch logo ne kiya, kuch hum bhi karna chahte the

is khubsurat duniya ka safar, hum kuch ban k karna chahte the

kuch waqt ki pabandagi thi kuch thi khud ki kami 

warna aaj hum bhi apne sapno ko khul k jeena chahte the

These two statements are different but very important for one to be successful in his or her endeavours. Sometimes doing what you love cannot be financially satisfactory. E.g.: donating, NGO etc. Hence to be financially successful you need to love what you do for your earnings. And for me most successful person is the one who achieves both in life.

I want you to find what you actually love or passionate about. If you know what you love to do, give yourself time have in-depth research and then start doing the one you ever dreamt off. Money may or may not be as big, but you will always be interested in your job. Have you noticed, sometimes we wait for our break and lunch or we just wish for our shift or work to end. But if you do what you love, you don’t feel like going home with the unfinished work that is all which creates the difference.

But, if you haven’t realised what you love to do. I would suggest you to love what you are doing. Until when you don’t get attached to your work you can never be successful in your life. Try to find the most interesting part of your job and concentrate in achieving that to maximum, Be passionate about the task you are assigned to and trust me you will automatically start achieving your numbers and success.

Here is the small story:

This is a story of my friend Rohan, I met him at the first time in my 1st year of college and within no time we became close friends. He was smart, handsome, he used to be cleanly groomed and updated with all the things coming and going around him. He was very passionate about doing something on his own. Being, he comes from a traditional business family where he was expected to join his father’s business as per the trend from his family generations.

Rohan was a young mind, he had different plans he was never satisfied with the business which their family was into. Though, financially his family was doing well. But, Rohan wanted something else to achieve in life. He wanted to open a chain of juice centers. But people use to discourage him as according to them it was a small business as compared to the one Rohan family was already into.

The famous crab mentality if someone wants to achieve something others pull him back.

Years passed we completed our graduation. And as expected Rohan joined his family business and I went to Delhi for my Post- graduation. After 3 long years, I came back to my hometown and called all my friends for a reunion. Saturday night, we were having a bash as it was a long time we have met each other. I saw Rohan coming in, he was completely changed not at all groomed, and his dressing sense was changed. I never imagined Rohan in this avatar.

I immediately asked him “what’s wrong with you” and after many requests, he finally opened up that he is not happy in whatever he is doing in life. He shared his idea of opening a juice center. I personally liked the idea and I asked him to share this with his dad. He said he won’t agree, I said at least try saying it. Just ask 1 year from your dad if you are not able to do something by this time promise him that you will join him back. Rohan agreed finally.

It has been 7 months past that reunion day Rohan has 28 juice centers earning a good living. I don’t know the exact numbers or income but yes he is definitely doing a lot better than his father business.

If you also have passion and love towards doing something, go ahead and achieve your dreams don’t let crabs pull your back. And if you think your love will not fill your pockets. Then take out free time to do what you love and find a profession where you can love what you do. 

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