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Kids Story- Angry Rahul

Once, there was a boy name Rahul living with his parents and small sister. He was very high tempered no one use to talk to him. He had no friends all his school mates use to stay away from him. Not only his friends even his sister use to not talk to him. Because once he had slapped her so hard in his anger that he dint realized the pain she would have felt. This was the only problem because of which he has no one to talk to him and play with him.

Rahul became very sad and started feeling lonely without his friends and sister. Rahul father realized that this is all because of his anger management issue. One day he called Rahul and gave him bunch of cans and a hard ball and asked Rahul to hit the cans with the ball whenever he gets angry.

Rahul started obeying his dad words. First few days Rahul used to hit the cans for hours, but slowly the hours started decreasing and he started controlling his anger. Finally there was a day when he dint even hit the cans once and went to his dad to thank him. His father asked him to get the cans. Rahul’s father said he is proud that Rahul was successful in controlling the anger also explained him by watching the cans that the loss he has already done to these cans will never be healed.

Rahul tried to understand what his father wanted to explain him and in the morning he went to his sister and friends in school and apologized for the entire thing he did to them. Now everyone has become friends with Rahul and his sister loves him a lot.

“Every time you get angry, you poison your own system.” – Alfred A. Montapert

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