Kids story- The Lazy Donkey

Once upon a time there was a lazy donkey in the village. His master was a dry-cleaner and he use to take lazy donkey every day for collecting cloths from his clients. And in return he use to give donkey food and place to sleep. Donkey was very lazy and got tired of this day to day work.

he decided to run away from the master’s place. And one day he got his chance, his master and his family left for some village function. This was the right time for Lazy donkey to get rid off from his master’s work. He runs away to the next village.

His master got very depressed, As donkey was not found after searching everywhere in the village he lost all his hopes. On the other hand donkey was very hungry no one gave him anything to eat, instead people use to throw stones and children use to tease him. After few days donkey became unwell and was on the stage of dying in cold. He then decided to return back to his master. But was unsure whether his master will accept him.

Next day, master found donkey outside his place. ready to go out for work, He was very happy to see the donkey is back. He gave him food and work off for a day. And donkey on other hand stayed with the master forever and helped him in pulling his load to work.


Never run away from work, the more you work the more successful you will be in life

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