The beauty of Positiveness

Ahhh, I am so excited to share this story with you all and would be very glad if you guys can get a chunk of it and imply this thing in your life too.

This is a true incident happened to me when I was 16 years old and was hospitalized for dengue fever. This was my first time staying in a hospital room as a patient and trust me it was more horrifying than any of the horror movies I have ever watched.

It was just 2 days passed and then there was another patient joined the room, as the room is a shared one, with two beds one with a window view and one which I had already occupied to the other corner, near to room door.

Both of us were seriously ill. He had a very severe jaundice and my blood plates where constantly falling due to dengue. Every day he was allowed to spend some time sitting up in his bed to help to drain the fluid from lungs. Whereas, I was not able to stand on my feet due to weakness.

We both started talking a lot about our lives, families, future plans, and vacations. Every time, when this man was sitting by the window, he described in details all that he saw outside the window. I always looked for those moments, when will my world broadened and brightened up by the world outside.

Amazing views of a park with a beautiful lake could be seen from the window of their room. Children delightfully played among ducks and swans. Couples walked arm in arm among colourful flowers. Also, the stunning city skyline could be seen.

When the man by the window had been thoroughly describing all that was happening outside the window, I would close my eyes and imaged all the beautiful scenes of life that were told to him.

One night the man, whose bed was near the window, died peacefully during sleep and I was very sad.

After some time, when the nurse came to visit me, I asked if I could be moved next to the window. The nurse agreed and kindly made the switch. When she left, I slowly and painfully propped myself up on one elbow and took the first look at the world outside. I was stunned. The window faced a blank wall.

When the nurse came to visit me the next time, I asked her about beautiful things outside the window that my roommate described me. The nurse replied that your roommate was a blind man. She said: “Probably he just tried to encourage you.”

Someone has said it correctly that beauty lies in the eyes of the person who is seeing it. If you want your life and most importantly others life to be beautiful stop abusing what is missing in them and start noticing the good things.

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