The Choices We Make

Choices we make is the only thing responsible for the rewards we get in the life. the hardest decisions one will ever face in life is choosing between walk away or try more harder to achieve something, One wrong decision and life can take you for a ride. 


This is a story of Mark, He is like any average boy completed his MBA, presently 34 years of age and working in a  corporate company as a team manager. He was very passionate about becoming a stand-up comedian, but being a only son to a family he had to choose job instead of stand up. Though he was not unhappy, As he was able to satisfy his and family basic needs and use to earn well enough to live happily.

One day, there was a stand up show in the office annual function, Where all the big stars in the field of Stand up comedy where invited for entertaining all the employees coming from all round the world. Mark was very excited for this show, though he left this dream long back but somewhere in the corner of his heart, he was still hiding a small dream of his of becoming an stand up comedian.

Finally the day arrives, mark took his place at the front seat arriving an hour early so that he can see them from the closest view possibly. Slowly the entire hall got packed and every one was waiting for the program to get started. Mark was equally excited, By looking at the crowed mark went into his long past dream, He always wanted this huge crowed cheering for him and laugh madly on his jokes. The shine of this dream was clearly visible in his eyes.

Hour and half passed, Mark got furious now and decided to go and check back stage. he saw there was some chaos and every one where frustrated he decided to go ahead and ask for the issue. On asking to one of his associate he found that the flight of the artist got delayed for 2 hours and they will take another hour to reach and the crowed is already geared up for the show.

Mark was disappointed, His wait for the show got extended for an hour more. On the other hand crowed and the supervisor from all-round the world will blame his site office for unorganised behaviour. He asked for the permission to give a start to the show and as there was not much option the organiser has to give go-ahead for this.

Mark was standing right in the centre of the stage. It was his dream come true. addressing the crowed he said good morning the crowed started saying its evening, but then mark explained this is a new morning to him this was the reason he addressed good morning. He started delivering his jokes and the crowed was rolling one over the other.

he continued for and hour or so and crowed was still hearing to him but the artist where here and mark addressed the crowed lets bring the big one on the stage , and gave his microphone to the next artist, Crowed where still chanting mark mark mark …. that feeling was something magical for mark.

He is now a full time stand up comedian and more successful than any of his bosses in the company.


Yes friends, making choices is the most important thing in life, Dosn’t matter possible or not you should always give it a shot.

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