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Hello friends, we live in a world where the funda of love is deprecating. Dating, hook-ups, open relationships and Tinder dates have taken over with a vengeance.

All of us find it convenient to believe that the four letter word, that’s supposed to make the world go round, has no meaning in our lives. It’s an alienated concept that can only be found in Nicholas Sparks’s novels or in the Typical Bollywood movies. Because we’re all convinced that ‘true love’ is too ideal a concept, and cannot exist in non-idealistic lives like ours. Obvio, I mean who can imagine some will fight villains and all the odds and win over the heart of the angry father or someone crossing all the borders LOC and reaching to entirely new country to find his love.

But, if I say that it does happen there are stories where people have done all in stake just for their beloved. Today I am going to share one such story to you.


This is a story of  Priya Semwal,  feisty lady decided to take her late husband’s position in the Indian Army. It was 2006. Priya Semwal was a first year undergraduate student. This was when she got married to Naik Amit Sharma and embarked on a new journey. The two were happy together and her husband was very supportive of her. He encouraged her to complete her education after marriage, even though he himself had only studied only till class 10th. Mrs. Priya Semwal Sharma finished her graduation, pursued an MSc in Mathematics successfully, and then went on to attain a B.Ed degree as well! Within these years, the couple was blessed with a beautiful daughter, whom they decided to name Khwahish. Life was beautiful indeed.

With such a strong academic background, Mrs. Priya decided to take up a job in 2012. At that time, her husband was serving with the 14 Rajput regiment in Arunachal Pradesh. She started tutoring students in a private coaching institute in Dehradun, and their daughter stayed with her.

Fate then played a cruel twist in the lives of this endearing family. In a counter- insurgency operation near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, Naik Amit Sharma lost his life. He was martyred. Everything came tumbling down for Priya and her (then) four year old daughter, Khwahish. Priya was distraught and was worried about their future; however when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. In this critical time, She could have easily found a regular job or settled with some other person but When Colonel Agarwal suggested Priya join the defence forces as an officer. She took no time to take her husbands place.

The Colonel’s proposal for her career was met with resistance initially by the young widow’s family,It was difficult for them to comprehend why Priya would think of such a thing when she had just lost her husband. However, Priya was not that easy to be put down. She knew she had to do something for her husband and her daughter, and she was convinced about her decision to join the Armed Forces.

What Ms. Semwal achieved, was no small feat. There had been many instances where widows of late Army officers had joined the Army as officers themselves. However, Priya’s case was unprecedented. Her husband had been a Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO) in the Army, but she wished to join as an officer herself. It takes a lot of courage to do something of this sort, especially when her own husband passed away doing the same thing she now wanted to do- serve the country.

Lieutenant Priya Semwal was inducted into the Corps of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) of the Indian Army. She was to earn a B.Tech degree while she served in the Corps itself. Seeing their daughter become a symbol of hope to so many in the country, her parents were proud and overwhelmed beyond words. She has big plans for her daughter too, whom hopes to see as a commissioned lady officer too one day.

Had she given up easily, Priya Semwal would have taken shy steps in the darkness all her life. She would have led another ordinary life, never having tapped her full potential. She did not let herself get bogged down though. Today, she is a role model for so many women in the country. She is independent and she continues to grow everyday as an individual. She paid a beautiful tribute to her brave husband and their love.

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